Ornamental fencing is certainly one of the most elegant looking fences in the market today. The fact that it is highly durable and easy to maintain only increases its appeal.  Ornamental fencing has surged in popularity in recent years because it has the look of wrought iron with none of the disadvantages.

Ornamental fencing comes in three typical grades: Residential, Commercial and Industrial. As you go up in grade the outside diameter of the material gets larger as does the thickness of the material. We offer all three types of ornamental fencing and we would be happy to give you a proposal on your ornamental fence job. Give us a call!?


Unlike wrought iron, our ornamental aluminum and steel fencing by its nature will not corrode or oxidize, making it especially advantageous for installations near lakes and pools.  Further, our ornamental fencing is typically powder coated rather than liquid painted.  Powder coating is when dry powder that is eloctro-statically charged adheres to the surface of the fence and is then baked on as an enamel finish.